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  • In this blog, I will share my own journey towards the Gate, and my own Communion with the Lord. I hope you will find it interesting, and share your own trials and triumphs with me, so we can help each other on our way to Salvation.
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Today, I thought I’d share some of the ways my family and I try to bring faith into our lifestyle.

First, we decided to completely eliminate TV and internet. It’s our belief that these media technologies serve only to distract from God’s creation, and that our time is better spent with each other and out exploring His world. My husband and I have found that even faith-based content is becoming grossly commercial, and we think it’s simply better to avoid the obsessive addiction to technology we see in so many other children and adults now.

We sing together every day. If you don’t do this in your home, I cannot recommend it more highly. Singing brings such joy to our home, especially when all of us are home together. My husband Ben plays the piano, and we all sing hymns together. There is truly nothing more wonderful than hearing my children ask to sing their favorite devotional, or to tell me how much the songs mean to them.

We also have family reading time. We decided that rather than sending our children to Bible school, we should help them find their own path to Christ. That’s why we all read the Bible together. We each read a passage, and pass it around the table, and we pause now and then to reflect, to ask questions, and to share our own experiences with the verse.

We have a sewing machine, and encourage all our children to learn needlework. Sarah, our youngest daughter, has just started on her first pillow. I think that sewing is a good tactile way to help children find purpose in creation. By making their own ideas come to life, they begin to process how God’s own plans came to fruition with us. Recently, we’ve been talking about stewardship, and what it means to truly own something. We believe that ownership means you must take responsibility and care for your possessions. So, we encourage all our kids to treat their clothing carefully, repair it with care, and make modifications to keep clothing working well for them as they grow and change. We also keep all our old worn out clothes in a pile so that we always have spare material for projects and patches. In all, I think that sewing is a great way to teach all sorts of things–responsible ownership, creative expression, reuse, resourcefulness, and more. We found our reliable machine by the way, by looking at online reviews from So Sew Reviews. If you're interested, visit this page.  

The other big element of our home life is food. We keep a very big garden, and teach our children to help out. We discourage waste, and talk to each other about how best to conserve what we have, and live within our means. We bake bread daily, just as the Bible tells us. I often remark to my children how miraculous it is that in this one Book, we have not only the path to Salvation, but a recipe for bread! “"Take also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils and millet, and spelt and put them in one vessel…" Ezekiel 4:9” I have found that making meals a daily ritual and getting our children involved at all levels gives them another whole range of understanding, like sewing. They learn about creating, stewardship, our place in God’s world, and the ways in which we impact our Brothers and Sisters in every action. Most of all, we learn about creating Joy by feeding each other with wholesome nourishment. 

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I also try to follow some more general guidelines, like going to church regularly, and trust the Lord to save me from temptation.

Well, that’s all for my first post. I will write again soon, and wish you all Health and Happiness! 

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